Core Taekwondo is a traditional Martial Arts studio located in Downtown San Mateo. We specialize in teaching traditional Taekwondo using modern instructional techniques.

Little Kickers: Ages 3 - 5

Little Kickers

Our Little Kickers program is designed specifically for pre-schoolers aged 3 – 5.

Students learn basic martial arts techniques while they develop age appropriate motor and social skills.

The combination of Taekwondo and fun helps students improve their balance, focus, patience, flexibility and self control in a non-competitive, confidence building environment.

Is my child ready?

While our Little Kickers program is specifically designed for ages 3-5, not all children in this age range will be ready as each individual develops at his/her own pace. It is important that all students are able to listen to and follow directions so they can stay safe in class.

Key readiness signs include:
  • Your child is potty trained.
  • Your child is able to answer simple questions like “What color is your shirt?” or “How old are you?”
  • Your child is able to follow 1 and 2 step directions such as “Run when you hear the word go.”
  • Your child is able to actively engage in 30 minutes of structured activity.


The following classes each week are designed for Little Kickers to attend:

Day Start End
Tuesday 3.30pm 4.00pm
Thursday 3.30pm 4.00pm
Friday 5.00pm 5.30pm
Saturday 11.00am 11.30am

Beautiful new facility


Our facility opened its doors February 8, 2014 (after we outgrew our old location around the corner) and is located in a former book store in Downtown San Mateo.

We converted many of the bookshelves that we inherited into fixtures in the space such as the bench seating in the front of the Dojang.

Some of the features of our facility include:

  • Beautiful open space for training
  • Two unisex bathrooms/change rooms
  • Heating and cooling
  • Located within walking distance to 3 parking structures and Downtown San Mateo's best restaurants

Our Location

Core Taekwondo is conveniently located in Downtown San Mateo. Our address is 86 E 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, 94401.

There are 3 parking garages located close to Core Taekwondo:
  • El Camino Garage (El Camino & 2nd Ave)
  • Central Park Garage (San Mateo Drive between 4th & 5th Ave)
  • Tennis Court Garage (On 5th Ave, close to San Mateo Drive)
Bicycle Parking

Downtown San Mateo has an abundance of bike racks. The closest are on the corner of 3rd and San Mateo Drive followed by those in front of Draper University (a few buildings down towards El Camino).


The San Mateo Caltrain station is a short walk from the Dojang.


We have been so happy at Core Taekwondo. My 3 and 5 year old both love taking classes with Master Meggie and her staff, and have learned so much in the past 8 months.

– Crystal, parent of students in Little Kickers program

Get Started

The best way to get started is to come in and try out a free class!