Adult Classes

Improving flexibility and teaching practical self-defense to those never too old to learn

Our Adult classes feature a great work out as well as practical self-defense techniques. Students learn Taekwondo techniques that are over 2,000 years old.

Each class features a combination of traditional poomse (forms), blocks, punches, kicks, self-defense, strength training, stretching and sparing designed to burn over 600 calories per class!

Day Start End
Tuesday 7.15pm 8.15pm
Thursday 7.15pm 8.15pm

In addition to the above, we encourage adult students to attend the Teen & Adult classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15pm.

Student Testimonials

“As a beginner adult, it’s been difficult to find a martial arts class where I’m not surrounded by children. After all, one doesn’t need to be a kid to want to try something new. I’m learning self-defense strategies, memorizing forms, strengthening, varying my boring elliptical routine, and having fun with like-minded adults!”

– Geri

“Jumping into a martial arts program as an adult can be incredibly daunting. We are not the kids we once were and not the kids we still think we are. Core Taekwondo took me back to the basics, working at a pace that is individualized, and pushes me to grow and do better in a safe and fun way. The classes give you a fantastic cardio workout, in addition to focusing on self control, self esteem, and safety in self defense. Amazing, dedicated instructors, that treat each student like family!”

– Daniel

“I grew up taking Tae Kwon Do but sadly had to stop once I was in high school. Fast forward to adulthood, I was pretty picky in choosing a school, and I have absolutely fallen in love with this one.”

– Tricia

“I come from a background in Olympic lifting and have always felt like I had a good base level of strength and fitness. What I was missing was flexibility and confidence in my skills to defend myself. The adult program has been tremendously beneficial in improving my flexibility and educating me on how best to get out of a difficult situation”

– Craig

Getting Started

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